You Are Who You've Been Waiting For!

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“A journey of a thousand miles 

begins with a single step”

 - Lao Tzu




Kundalini Reiki Healing Session


The Reset


The benefits of Kundalini Reiki brings you Healing, clarity, balance, inter-wisdom with an increased supply of life force energy ("Reiki"). Your awareness will expand with a deep sense of grounding ("Kundalini") which is needed in a Rush-Rush Society that we live in today.  Kundalini Reiki promotes a deep relaxing feeling of peace with a stress-free fielding around you. Your Awareness of Self and the Universe is enhanced. You will be empowered with 9 Modalities of Kundalini Reiki encompassing birth trauma, past-life, and DNA. The future is not yet created so this Universal natural healing technology will give you the ability to Co-Create it.


Community Service

I would like to inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting with Connecting the Dots Conscious Community, here we discuss Ancient Texts, Mind Sets, Worldviews and Do Meditations Self-healing modalities and more.

Time: Every Thursday 6:15pm PT

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Meeting ID: 891 3361 0567
Passcode: 372626

Reiki Reset for Chakra Alignment & Balance
The “Reiki Reset” is a modality designed by Raymond Lewis to remove blockages, restore your balance and bring you back to your Awareness of your Sacred Center. Together in a Group Meditation we will align your Energetic Field to be balanced by Divine Comic Energy Charging your Energy Pathways and Chakras.



Dreamer’s Sweat Lodge

My Knowledge and Apprenticeship of the Dreamer’s Sweat Lodge was a life changing experience passed down to me from my teacher and dear friend Professor Nomad Winterhawk who also guided my wife and I into the Ancient Novo Native American Indian Bonding Ceremony as a part of our wedding. Since our first time entering the Sweat Lodge, we have been forever changed and life hasn’t been the same. As a result of our experience of purification and transformation, with the Healing Drum Circle we have committed ourselves to continue the facilitation of the Sweat Lodge Ceremony for the Healing and Purification for all to experience.

$44 per person



RAYMOND HAROLD LEWIS is a Certified Kundalini Reiki Master and Initiator, Holistic Healer, Spiritual Awareness Coach and Motivator in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth. Facilitator of  Sweat Lodges healing and purification ceremonies, also a drummer and artist. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Lewis was a student and friend of Nomad Winterhawk may his Soul Rest in Power. received hands-on training in building and facilitate Dreamers Sweat Lodge. Through his early studies in spirituality, culture and science, he discovered a widespread need for the principles of Self-mastery, Self-healing, Personal Growth and Transformation, and has decided to bring these ideas to his community and the world at large. His message to the world is, “You are the one who you’ve been waiting for!” After studying as a student with several master teachers and experiences life changing and developing  trial and tribulations, Lewis felt a paradigm shift occur in his thinking that led him to explore Self-mastery, ancient wisdom and ascension aspects of life “changing your reality” from within to be a Divine Being." My purpose is to help people to know who they are, and to bring out there "Exponential Potential.” We must see ourselves as Divine Energy Beings having a Divine human experience, and go deep within to find our Purpose and Live it ,Be it, Do it!.

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